Tools of the trade

Below is a collection of the gear I use most often when performing, recording, and creating music.

Most pictures unabashedly stolen from people online who take much better pictures than I do.


Mike Lull M5V

My favorite bass, I asked Mike for what he considered his best bass and this is what he sent, and he was right.

Alder body, birds-eye maple fretboard, Seymour Duncan pickups, Bartolini preamp.


Mike Lull pj4

I bought this as a P4, then later added a J pickup and an aguilar preamp. The pictures are from before the upgrades.


lakland dj5

I’ve also added a John East preamp to this bass, which is amazing. Everything else about it is stock, and it feels and sounds great.


Juzek 3/4 upright bass

A friend found this at a Deseret Industries (same as Salvation Army or Goodwill)! It was in terrible shape, but some restoration by a good luthier and it sings beautifully.

Restoration by Tim Stephenson, C Extension by Robertson & Sons.

Reunion Blues bow quiver, Realist copper foil pickup, Thomastik Belcanto strings.

Bow is Dorfler, French, 137.5 grams.


Kirschnek 3/4 upright bass

The first upright bass I ever purchased and the instrument I’ve used most in my career. It’s been at my side since 2001 or so, getting me through thousands of gigs.

Upgraded endpin by Tim Stephenson.

Reunion Blues bow quiver, Realist Copper foil pickup, Thomastik Super-Flexible strings.

Past loved pickups include the Fishman Full Circle, BP-100, and Underwood.